How to Get Leads Using Social Media

The first step in lead generation online is to create a network of prospects. It is important to invest time and effort in creating and maintaining contacts before you begin generating leads among them. The better your relationship with your contacts, the quicker you can turn them into leads and prospective customers. There are several ways in which you can build your personal networks.

  • Begin following people on Twitter
  • Connect with them on Face book and answer queries
  • Connect on WhatsApp and other platforms where your prospects engage
  • Share videos and other media online

Sharing Content
Start sharing content
Upload content online to create and sustain interest in your product. Here are a few things you can consider doing.

  • Write blogs
  • Update customer reviews
  • Make a power point presentation or video clip and upload on slide share or YouTube.
  • Use Pinterest pins to make your content visual.
  • Re-share content.
  • Regularly update content to keep visitors interested and engaged

Monitor social media activity
Monitoring media unfolds the points of need and affords an opening for offering your products.  Since this is done without the pressure to buy and sell it is more likely to generate leads for you. So what should you monitor?

  • Buying patterns
  • Buying indicators
  • Discussions on products and services you offer
  • Discussions about your products or services
  • Key phrases used in product/service search and purchase

leads from advertisingLeads from social media advertisements
Paid advertisements on social media are a good way to generate leads. There are various ways in which these advertisements work.

  • They drive traffic to your website
  • They create links to your dedicated pages
  • They are useful for promoting offers
  • They let you advertise on relevant forums

Search engine optimization
Make sure that your content contains keywords that appear link to your SEO. It will definitely help improve your visibility in searches.
Provide leads regularly to your sales team by using social media and see your sales figures rise significantly. Concentrate your efforts on the platform most used and preferred by your prospects to reach out to and engage with them. A little effort and time spent on monitoring and understanding needs of your prospects online provides you with valuable information and generates leads for you.
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