Mobile App Development How do you go about Developing a Mobile Application for your business? By Elinsys, 20th Jun 2017

More and more businesses are going mobile and they find the benefit of greater market exposure and more personalized communication with their customers. However, it is essential to understand the essence of mobile application development. Not every aspect of your business needs to go mobile. Not everything works out if it’s on a mobile. Well, here are a few tips to consider before mobile application development. Plan your mobile strategy carefully and decide which part of your business will benefit from a mobile interface. Then follow these steps to actually implement the project.

Here’s how you go about mobile application development


Communication is the very first step in the process. Talk to find out what the mobile application development requirement is. This is a very crucial phase to understand the need for development and helps you plan your approach. It’s important to ask all the relevant questions and interact with clients before making your first move.


After gathering all the information, it is important that you create a prototype of the application. This is a very basic app via sketch and by using several other wire framing tools, you can create a prototype to understand whether the app you are developing and the one that the client expects is the same. Discuss the feasibility of the application that needs to be developed based on the prototype presented.

Try giving suggestions

This is the phase where you can discuss the application features and make suggestions and changes from a technical perspective. What can be done and what does not need to be decided at this phase. Your inputs will help create a perfect app for the specific requirements of the business.

Build a strategy

Now it’s time to build a mobile app strategy. Carve out a strategy to build the app. Include a step by step or phase by phase process to ensure that the client gets exactly the app that will be beneficial for their business.


Next, the app design really matters. The app design must be in accordance with the other brand strategy of the company. It should ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like the business that you are building the app for. It should not be a completely different package – the color scheme, the theme and everything should look like a continuation of the brand itself.

Development of the application

Once all the ground is set, the mobile application development phase begins. Make sure that you have analyzed the platforms that this app will be used for. Keep your options clear. Make sure that you cover all the major platforms or create a cross platform compatible app.


Make sure that the mobile application is tested thoroughly before implementation. Once the application is developed free of bugs, it can be successfully implemented.

Well, the implementation success of the app depends on how good the above steps were. Make sure that your app is perfected at every step of the process!

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