Search Engine Optimization Google Can Now Recognize A Website With Over Optimization By Elinsys, 17th Mar 2012

Can there be something like over optimization in Search Engine Optimization?  While trying to optimize your website for search engines, can there be some point after which you need to stop and decide whether this is considered as “spam” activity by Google or not? Well, yes there are some activities that are considered as spam and there are certain guidelines that Google provides. This is to directly filter out the junk from the worthy. Who deserve a rank and who are relevant to a search query shall get a position on the top search results.

Googlebot has now become smarter. It can detect over optimization in any Search Engine Optimization efforts such as over use of keywords, over use of links etc. Google’s effort to give great content and great user experience sites a better ranking is definitely a great change we shall see in SEO. Over the next few weeks or next month, this change shall be active and users shall see better results. Well, spammers, be aware!

Now, an over optimization penalty has been introduced, which will take care of all those who abuse the system. With this new change, genuine SEO’s shall definitely find all their efforts worthwhile and those indulging in spammy practices just to impress the search engines shall see the consequences. Good move from Google whose endeavor has always been to provide quality search results! Until the update is out next month, let’s wait for it!

You can also check out the complete audio clip describing this change at Search Engine Land’s Article:

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