Google Chrome Gets Penalized

Google Chrome Gets Penalized

With the aim of promoting Chrome, Google had hired two top agencies. However, the promotion campaign used violated it’s own quality guidelines. Paid bloggers were asked to post “reviews” for the web browser.

As per Google, the only promotion activity to be used was online ads. And any other paid methods are not in the best interests of users. Google also said that they are looking at what can be done to ensure that this does not repeat.

Well, there’s no escaping a penalty when guidelines are violated. Google has penalized Chrome too. And gets a lower page rank in search engine results. This is for at least 60 days. And Chrome will have to submit a reconsideration request like any other company.

Google has truly proven that it follows ethics and abides by it’s own guidelines – there are no exception – even for it’s own products and absolutely no reasons one can give for violating guidelines.


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