Search Engine Optimization Google Introduces “Search Plus Your World” By Elinsys, 11th Jan 2012

Google had announced a few months back that the searches would be made more secure, meaning users signed in users would be able to search without Google sending referrer data about what was being searched. This was in the best interests of users. Here’s Google announcing a new feature for search results on these lines. Google search results get more personal with the new “Search Plus Your World”.

Now, searchers shall have integrated search results – Personal, Public and social. Currently only Google+ data shall be available for inclusion of personal search information. Facebook and Twitter information has not been included for this purpose – just Google Plus. This is because, Facebook and Twitter currently do not allow deep crawling to locate information.

A Good move overall, in Google’s words, “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships”. To state clearly, it includes three new features:

  • Personal Results: to search for information that was shared in your personal profile – posts, photos etc. Includes the ones’ you shared within your network and the one’s shared with you by people in your network.
  • Profiles in Search: Autocomplete and search results – to be able to find people and profiles that you might want to follow.
  • People and Pages: to help you find Google plus pages of your interested and easily follow them.

Great many personalization changes coming up from Google. These are available for signed in users. Also, currently for and English Language.

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