Search Engine Optimization Google’s Panda Algorithm – It’s Here To Stay! Work With It Rather Than Against It By Elinsys, 19th Aug 2011
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The latest buzz in the search engine world that created an active movement amongst online business owners and SEO’s – Google’s Panda algorithm was launched in February this year. With the aim of providing quality search results for end users, Google has made substantial changes to it’s search algorithm. Users now experience search results that are relevant and the target sites have quality content.  Google’s panda algorithm returns high quality results, thus diverting quality traffic to appropriate pages. On the other hand this modification in algorithm created some amount of apprehension amongst online business owners and SEO’s. Some websites lost their rankings, hence affecting business. Some sites faced traffic depletion. It created an outrage amongst the website owners who felt that they were mislabeled as having low quality content. On the whole we can analyze for ourselves, and use the changes to our benefit. Here are some of the things to remember:

  1. Create a strong and strategic business model for yourself. Dependency on a single strategy (optimizing the search engine) is like stepping on thin ice – any changes from the search engine developers, poses high risk to your business.  Plus, search engine is a third party. You do not have any say in the type of changes they make. That is to say, diversify your visibility strategies. Use paid services, videos, Google Ads. Etc.
  2.  Secondly, instead of tweaking things here and there, make your website a “quality” website to begin with. Minimize duplicate content, avoid excessive ads. Again, its for you to decide the appropriate word count to ad ratio.
  3. Use Google as one of your resources to get online visibility for your business. Ofcourse search engine optimization is a must, and one of the major factors affecting all online businesses. But use it prudently. Maintain around  40% of traffic via search engine optimization and remaining from other sources.
  4. Do not let the panda update or any further updates to any search engines baffle you. Work along with it – not against it. Harness the strength of search engines and their updated algorithms to your benefit.

With all this said, the Panda algorithm from Google after the initial ripples that it created, proved to be a boon and on the whole a success. It helped provide relevant and quality results to users who are searching specific products with very specific requirements in mind. It also has encouraged website developers and online business owners to rethink and modify the content on their website so that they are labeled as “quality” sites by Google’s search engine crawlers hence improving their rankings. On the whole, Google’s panda update is here to stay –it’s up to us how we utilize its potential.

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