Graphic Designing for Attractive Website

Graphic Designing is an art of communicating with people for giving ideas and messages through visual representation. The visual representation can be done with mixing images, videos, symbols, etc.

For creating a website, Web Design Services and Graphic Design is very important to make the overall outlook of the website beautiful and attractive. It is good to build an attractive website because the first impression of the website will help to create a long lasting impression and will also help in generating large amount of traffic to the website. At the same time, your graphics used should be such that it is able to convey your message or ideas to the visitors so that it gives professionalism to the website.

Graphic Designing provides credibility to the business so it can be helpful for small businesses. There is a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” according to which using graphics in the website can be worth doing. Visual representations may say more than your content and can help visitors understand your purpose more easily and quickly.

Some good graphic designing practices for making site attractive and professional are-

  • Always height and width attributes should be used on picture so that the rest of the page can load easily while graphic files are downloading.
  • ALT HTML tag should be used so people with graphics being turned off and those who are using can know what the picture is supposed to be.
  • Optimize your images and other graphic files to have as small a size as possible without sacrificing picture quality.
  • Color combinations and fonts for backgrounds, text and links should be used properly.
  • If multimedia files are used, than make sure that your visitor can start and stop that multimedia files or flash introductions if used. They should also be given an option of skip them.

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