Open Source Development Growth and future of Open Source Design and Development By Elinsys, 22nd Sep 2010

In recent time we have seen immense growth in the open source market. People are actually leaning towards open source business whether its developing sites using this platform or creating their own. Now, where this will lead in future? Let’s check some of the leading CMS in the market. Lets see the most used open source cms development in the market since they arrive –

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Considering a CMS, there are many features to believe. So how does each CMS compare to the others?

Joomla CMS

The name Joomla, in fact, means ‘all together in Swahili (Urdu), and it seems they’ve been living up to their name in the way that this powerful CMS works. Joomla is one of the most popular open source CMS. It has lot of commanding features. Some of these features include picture galleries, SEO, shopping cart, and forums. Joomla’s most powerful capability is to incorporate a profitable community. If you are in an opinion of making an online community, Joomla is always first option. Joomla is also one of the simple CMS to choose up and use.

Drupal CMS

The growth and development of Drupal is stable. It is growing stable. The middle system is very extensible, which indicates that there is a lot of space for additional growth. Drupal is good for powering community based sites. Many of the tools that are built-in with Drupal are meant for web communities. For instance, Drupal has a complicated organization for usage permissions. Compared to Joomla, Drupal be successful hands down in this feature. Many developers love to work on Drupal over Joomla because of finer documentation.


WordPress is a brilliant system to use while making a simple website that allows to  rapidly get your opinion out on the web, but it is mostly used as a blog, it can be configured to work in many other interesting ways as well. WordPress is simple to use and some of them were already familiar with it, it was an obvious solution. Install WordPress on a server that they could access quickly and easily from anywhere with an internet connection, and allows them to get business rather than have to study about a whole different system.

In terms of features, Joomla has more. But in terms of ease of development, Drupal is the leading CMS. Drupal can be used to run multiple websites with one backend and database, Joomla lacks the ability to create multi-sites. It is just powerful enough to be useful, but not enough to do anything.

The reason of a CMS content management system is the skill to insert unique quality content frequently. Before a single line of code is written, our advice is mapping out the site navigation of the initial launch, and pencil in future site growth. The navigation outline will allow you to envision where to add content in the prospect while keeping a logical site structure so visitors don’t get lost.

Browsing the feature list one of the knowledge every one should grab. Which can help to know about CMS and related features you are looking for? If some features are absent, it means that you may have to install additional plug-ins, or can hire developers to program the feature from the ground up. Understand and select the easy one that you are more comfortable working with.

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