Website Design Service Guidelines and Tips for Re-designing a Website By Elinsys, 30th Mar 2011

There are many reasons to re-design the existing website other than continuous improvement like making a website more user-friendly, making it more accessible, making it more SEO friendly, making some appearance changes by modifications in CSS file only, to test the impact of the website, to back-up website before changing its design and many others. We as a service provider of web design in India would suggest to always re-designing your website to give it a fresh look.

Some tips and guidelines for re-designing the existing website are listed below:-

1. Proper Evaluation of the existing website should be done like what are its strengths, weaknesses and priorities should be set accordingly.

2. What is missing in the existing website should be known so as what additions or changes to be made can be decided.

3. Competitive websites should be visited before starting to re-design website as lots of great ideas can be developed which can be included in a new fresh website.

4. How would be the total outlook of the website like its color combinations, fonts, etc should be decided in the beginning itself. Also how would be the style of the website that is it would be more of professional, technical or funny should be decided.

5. The content to be included should be known. It should be clear, easy to find and encourage people to take action and it should utilize all essential keywords.

6. Popular keywords used by maximum visitors should be used in the content relevantly.

7. The navigation of the whole website should be simple enough for new visitors.

8. Contact page is very necessary to be included in the website so new visitor’s can contact you easily.

9. About us page is equally important so when visitors come to your website they should come to know about you and your company in few seconds.

10. Content included in the website should be new and fresh.

So these are some tips which should be kept in mind while re-designing the website.

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