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As today’s customers increasingly turn to smartphones to find products and influence their buying decisions, more and more stores are moving from brick and mortar model to a click and order model. M-commerce of mobile commerce is becoming a predominant business model for online businesses. Ecommerce needs to be more mobile in order to sustain in this ever evolving customer centric market.

As businesses expand and make their services and products available at a click of a button or swipe of a finger, here are a few tips that could come in handy while they develop their ecommerce strategy:

Create user oriented experiences

Exemplifying a user’s shopping experience is the key to a successful ecommerce app. Well, it’s not only about the aesthetics of the user interface, but also about their all round experience while they navigate your store on a small screen and select products and finally make a purchase. The entire process should be sleek and extremely easy. Any glitches there and you lose precious customers (who will not return to your website again!). A user oriented approach helps build brand loyalty.

Design services that you would want to use yourself

This is one of the best ‘tests’ for an ecommerce mobile apps development. Try to buy a few products yourself. If you cannot use the app pleasantly, customers are definitely not going to be able to use it either! If you use the mobile app yourself, you can easily identify the pain points of your customers and know how to fix them before you start losing business.

Customer feedback is crucial

Customer feedback is a crucial input when it comes to creating a perfect platform that appeals to users. This works well for customers too. Customers feel that their voice is heard and they begin to develop a sense of loyalty to your brand. So rather than developing a product and forcing the customer to get accustomed to its features, take feedback as a positive input and reiterate your product so that it meets customer’s expectations.

Utilize social media – don’t rely on it

Every customer likes to feel happy about the recent purchase he made. So, make sure that you have social sharing features available for the products. Further, keep your social media pages live with buzz and make them highly interactive and engaging for customers.

In today’s world, if you aren’t mobile yet, you might as well close down your business! It’s a world where you either ‘go mobile or die trying’! It’s a fact – users can be engaged into making purchasing decisions anywhere, anytime. They need not ‘find’ time to walk up to your store and make a purchase. So, adopt creative methods of customer engagement via mobile apps and open new channels for sales via smartphones.

Overall, the digital marketplace is ever evolving and in order to sustain in such a marketplace, ecommerce businesses need to gear up and leverage from the new and emerging technologies in order to stay at the forefront of the competition!

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