Hire Dedicated Developer Hire Remote Developers in India to Get Same Productivity Benefits By Elinsys, 01st Apr 2020

No industry is unaffected. The impact and ramifications are said to be long lasting. How do we respond to Covid19? We do not stop working. We change the way we work. We do not travel to the office we work from home. We do not hire employees – we hire remote developers in India. The show must go on – otherwise, the ramifications do not look good – long term.

Well, amidst the instability and unpredictability, let’s continue work, remotely so that we can achieve near to normal productivity. It’s not to say that there won’t be challenges. There will be – but wherever we hit an obstacle, there are also ways around it. Hiring remote developers may mean that you work in different time zones. There are bound to be communication issues and delays (due to the social disconnect). But in times of crisis, it is crucial to think out of the box and device ways to make things work.

So, how will you work with remote development teams to achieve the same productivity and efficiency?

Select the right development company

Hiring remote developers is the right thing to do in these times. But, it is also essential that you hire the right company for the task. Everyone of their employees too will be working from home. So, make sure that you ask how they are managing and what kind of timelines they are willing to offer. 

Find a way for work reporting

Ensure that for your project, there is a reporting schedule in place. It is definitely going to get difficult to get reports throughout the day – decide on a time to communicate with the team and stick to the schedule. It gives the remote team time to gather all the information from their work from home employees too and they are prepared while reporting to you.

Check their portfolio

Because there will be fewer options available, it’s very tempting to select the next one you talk to. Well, it’s also essential to select the company based on their portfolio. Check if they can handle the kind of work you are expecting them to do.

Find out how they are managing work and employees

The global pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. Find out how they are managing their work from home employees. Ask who will be the point of contact for communication. 

IT is the only industry that can make the best of this time – it need not shut down operations. There are no restrictions to where people can work from. A little bit of management efforts and business can continue as usual. Hire remote developers from India and you can make the most of these times too!

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