Social Media Marketing How and why to sell on Instagram By Elinsys, 29th Jun 2020

Searching for visual content has increased and is more appealing to users than text. 72% of the internet users say that they have used visual content to make a purchase decision. 78% of the shoppers also say that there should be more images on the ecommerce sites. With visual content and images gaining so much importance, Instagram has become a leading channel for businesses to promote their products.

With so many ecommerce businesses starting, and so many new online stores coming up, it is difficult to tap into consumer behaviour and target the right audience and gain their attention. Instagram, with its hashtags and ability to promote products is hence becoming a great choice for those who wish to target their ecommerce marketing efforts and grow their stores.

Why should you sell on Instagram?

You can get as creative as you can on instagram – More product pictures, more shoots and more visual content. Instagram has a perfect way of aiding your sales.

Better showcase

Instagram post style is perfect for showcasing products. Be it regular products or videos, instagram has tools to help present your products in a way that creates a visually positive impact.

Instagram users are more engaged

40% of the internet users respond to visual content better. That’s why Instagram has greater engagement than any other social media platform. The right hashtags can get you the right audience.

Instagram users are more likely to make purchases

Users can instantly see whether a product is trending or not based in the likes and comments etc. 72% of the instagram users instantly make a purchase after seeing the product on the post.

Instagram equips business with interactive tools

Instagram equips businesses with a number of interactive tools. Right form carousel posts, stories, IGTV and Shoppable Instagram Posts – there are so many ways for you to sell on Instagram. Instagram equips you with visually driven tools to reach, engage and convert buyers into customers.

In other words, it is a great idea to make Instagram your marketing tool to increase sales. Simply focus on making your profile into a sales engine – uploading pictures on your products is not enough. Optimize your profile and it will work wonders for your shop.

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