Social Media Marketing How Facebook Helps Businesses By Elinsys, 11th Jul 2013

Facebook is the most popular social media or social network. There are a various reasons for which a business should spend resources on establishing and maintaining a Facebook fan page. BTW, what is a Fan Page? Those of who use Facebook for individual or personal needs may not be aware of a Facebook fan page. A Facebook Fan Page is a profile for a business or an organization or an institution. Though there is no direct selling or buying on Facebook, the relationship established with clients via Facebook helps the business in innumerable ways. In this blog post, I’ll enlighten you on some of the ways in which a Facebook fan page can provide an impetus to the growth of your business. you can see fan page example here:

  • A fan page is open for public view. The information you post about the products and/or services that you offer is viewable by a vast audience. Even if people are not logged in to their Facebook accounts they can view a business’ Fan Page. Thus, Facebook fan page helps you reach a wide customer base.
  • The most important benefit of a Fan Page is that it helps in driving more traffic to your website. With Facebook, you can link your website from your business Fan Page. Even if you redirect a minor portion of Facebook traffic to your site, you can see remarkable changes in the traffic on your site.
  • Using the new social search feature, search engines now index content created on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This gives the potential to your Fan page content to generate favorable search engine results for your business or brand. The linking also helps in leveraging social search to drive more traffic to your website.
  • The Facebook Fan page is a must for businesses which are looking for an inexpensive marketing vehicle. Within some minutes you can have a branded Fan Page to attract customers to post on your wall, share photos, experiences and videos. Enthusiastic customers engage in asking and answering questions. They interact and involve themselves in the fan page. The ‘Discussions’ section is easier to monitor than monitoring discussion forums or message boards.
  • A Facebook fan page serves as a direct contact point for your business fans. You can send messages to your fans or to special privileged customers. You can even target fans by their city, gender, and even age range. The Events section helps you schedule special events or promotions. These special promotions can be sent to fans that live in or near the town. All this, at zero additional cost.
  • Social media tools helps you serve your customers personally and thus establish strong customer loyalty. The meeting is in a social setting rather than in a business setting.

In a social environment, your customers or fans are more likely to open up about their views on your products or services. You can use this information to enhance your products and/or services. You can know what your clients like and what they don’t like. This helps them make the needed changes in the existing products or services.

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