How Important Is Navigation In A Web Design?

Web Design with a good navigation is the only way you can “keep” website visitors. As a rule of thumb, if a visitor cannot get to the information they were looking for within three clicks, they will drift away – to some site that gives them quick information. With website visitors, impatience is a virtue. So, as a web design professional, you need to remember that simpler the better. Your navigation should be as simple as possible and as easy to interpret as possible. Resist the temptation of creating “clever” graphics. Most visitors are searching for information on the internet, rarely entertainment. So, as a web designer if you have an urge to be overly creative – stop.

Here are the things to remember for effective navigation on your web design:

  • Top menus are placed right under the header. Don’t let user guess where the main menu is!
  • Right, left or bottom navigations, rare – but if you use it correctly could be ok.
  • Internal Links to other pages of your website should be just one click away. And not a series of click to get there!
  • In case of ecommerce websites, display shopping carts, login buttons, order buttons very prominently.
  • Advertisements on your website should be away from the main matter of the page. They should never interfere with the content of your website.
  • Site Maps should be clear and all links double checked!

So, to sum it up, navigation is the most important element of your web design. Pay attention to the little details and you will find that you have created a perfectly navigable and user friendly website!

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