Ecommerce Web Development How is the lockdown working out for retailers? By Elinsys, 09th Apr 2020

Covid19 has managed to lockdown everything – including local stores and businesses. While essential categories such as grocery and pharmacy remain open, it gets difficult to actually sell when there is so less demand. In these times, local businesses need to find creative new ways to stay engaged with their customers even when the entire city has been locked down.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify have developed innovative methods of doing business in times of crisis. Well, the solution is to quickly set up an online store (Shopify has a ready platform). Your customers can place their orders online and safely pick up their orders from your store so that they do not have to spend a lot of time selecting products in your store – nor do they have to wait in your store while you do the billing and check them out. They can simply drive through – pick up their order (already paid or online) and never leave their cars! Safe or you and your customers – and good for your business!

So, how does this crisis model for ecommerce work?

The model is based on a buy online pick up at the store. This model not only keeps you in business during challenging times like these, but also reduces your shipping costs and customers drive through to pick up their purchases. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Customer places order online.
  2. Customer pays for order online
  3. The order is received by retail stores via email
  4. Store informs customer when order is ready
  5. Customer drives through to pick up order
  6. That’s it!

So, when times get tough, all we need is a new way of doing old things. If we cannot get people to come to our stores and buy our products, think of new ways to get your products out to your customers. Well, Shopify is definitely getting it all right! 

We at Elinsys can help you quickly set up your retail store and take your products straight to your customers – a safe way of doing business – even when the entire city is locked down!

For setting up your ecommerce store – simply contact us on

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