Android, Technology How is WhatsApp used in Business? By Elinsys, 09th May 2018

WhatsApp is the fastest growing and most popular communication app worldwide. WhatsApp users share photographs, audio files, video files as well as general conversation on a day to day basis. This has made it an essential tool for businesses to latch on to in order to reach out and keep connected to customers and stakeholders. The five most effective uses of the app for business development and sustenance are explained below.

1. Team Building and Internal Communication

Due to its wide usage and acceptance as a medium of communication, it is easy to introduce the app as a tool for communication within the organization and for team building. Its availability 24*7*365 makes it a preferred tool today. Checking for messages comes naturally and needs no specific training to be used. An added advantage is the enabling of group communications. This is particularly useful as a means of keeping employees and teams in the loop continuously.

2. Customer Interface and Connection

Customers are happier with app-based follow up rather than phone calls. The app preserves their privacy while simultaneously allowing businesses access to them. The personal touch of an individual message, even when sent as a bulk message, gets a more positive response. the comparative informality of language used makes these messages more friendly.

3. Customer Care Support

Use of this app for customer support does away with the problem of getting through to a designated customer support number, following the IVR menu, and remembering a ticket or docket number. Systems are available to set up an app based customer support portal. There is one rider to consider here. Businesses that get large volumes of requests might find the system difficult to handle.

4. Marketing and Promotion tool

Messages on the app have become the medium of personalized marketing promotion. It has the advantage of adding video and audio clips as well as images for added impact. The app works best for loyal and regular customers whose preferences are known. To further attract customers, businesses ask them to send selfies with their products. They can be motivated to send in the photographs with innovative rewards and contests.

5. Innovative Uses

Businesses have started using this app to grow and sustain their businesses. The low-cost advantage makes it a necessary and attractive tool for startups and small businesses. It has been variously used as a booking platform for services as well as for product promotion and support. The status feature can be used to promote brand awareness.

The messaging app can be used for customer support and service, product promotion, demo and information about limited time sale, and increasing footfalls. it is a good way to connect and collaborate with stakeholders and partners. WhatsApp has the potential to grow and develop as a powerful communication tool that businesses can access and use to their advantage in new ways as days pass. The precaution that needs to be taken in avoiding overuse and sending unnecessary messages that disturb customers and clients.

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