Search Engine Optimization How to Get Higher Rankings on Search Engines? By Elinsys, 25th Apr 2011

Getting number one ranking in a search engine is a goal for every online marketer. But to be there every time requires constant monitoring of search engine rankings.

To have a website that gets found easily on Google, Yahoo and Bing is not hard to do but it may be difficult to know that from where to begin with. Some tips and techniques to get started with it are:-

  1. Unless and until you have to purchase a new domain name, do not purchase it. The better option is to use your existing domain/website if possible.
  2. Website Optimization should be done for your target audience and not for the search engines.
  3. Keyword research should be done extensively. To find the optimal phrases to optimize for, research tools like KeywordDiscovery, Wordtracker or Google’s Keyword Tool should be used.
  4. Categorization and Designing of your website architecture and navigation should be based on your keyword research.
  5. Program your website to be a crawler friendly.
  6. Label your internal text links and clickable images alt attributes as clearly and descriptively as much it is possible.
  7. Compelling copy should be written for the key pages of the site based on your chosen keyword phrases and your targeted market’s needs. Also it should be make sure that this copy can be seen by search engines.
  8. Your keyword phrases should be incorporated into each page’s unique Title tag as they are given a lot of weight with every search engine.
  9. It should be made sure that your website is link-worthy. This is very important as your website should not be linked to lousy sites; it should some quality which will be beneficial.

If the above nine things are done properly and correctly, you will definitely start seeing an increase in targeted search engine visitors to your website comparatively quickly.

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