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Many times, we configure abandoned cart emails on the e-commerce stores and forget about them. It’s an automatic process and easy to forget. But, Abandoned carts are by far the most important branding element of your e-commerce site. It is an essential part of increasing sales and in turn profits. Here are a few pointers that will help you:

Select the right time and frequency

Every business is different. Every ecommerce store is different. There are different verticals and customers. So, timing for various ecommerce stores could be different. There is no standard time between two abandoned cart emails. So, if the abandoned

Is discount a good idea?

It is a common notion that you give a discount to anyone who has items in their cart that they have abandoned. Well, not everyone needs a discount. Means – not every abandoned cart is due to the price factor. So, test a few things. Just a reminder to ‘finish’ shopping could do the trick too. Or probably similar products notifications in the abandoned cart mail etc. Some avid shoppers know which stores have an abandoned cart email (automatic) – with a discount, so they deliberately leave items in their cart to get the 10 or 20 % off that is being offered.

What should be the tone of the email?

The main reason that people abandon carts is because they get distracted and they need to attend to something else before they click on shop now.     So, set the tone of what you want to say in the email, taking into consideration what the user’s situation may be. Either you could have a helpful tone or a matter of fact tone or simply a notification kind of a voice. It all depends on the kind of relationship you want to build with your customer.

Online advertising

The moment you browse a particular item, it immediately starts showing up in all the ads on the internet while you are browsing – (not even shopping)! Well, sometimes this gets annoying – and the customer may not actually buy even if he intended to in the first place. So, online advertising is a good option but use it with discretion. 

Lots of testing

There are a number of ways in which you could handle abandoned carts. There is no single method that will work. So, it is essential that you test and test until you find the right one for your ecommerce store. Well, you need not stick to one either – keep changing your strategy as times and trends change. You could test emails with product images and without images. You could test with different levels of personalization and the frequency of emails that are sent. 

Like we said, there is no formula to follow – when it comes to abandoned cart emails. It is a good idea to study your customers and decide a good strategy for your business.

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