Search Engine Optimization How to Increase Google Page Rank? By Elinsys, 20th Jun 2011

Google PageRank is the most popular ranking tool. It is the measure from zero to ten which is given by Google on how important it thinks a webpage is. So according to Google the webpage with PageRank 10/10 is the most important one and the webpage with PageRank 0/10 is not very important.

This tool generally checks the amount of links that points out to the website. Along with this it also checks the quality of links and sites pointing to your sites. There are many other factors like how much PR that site holds, how much powerful that sites are, and many others. So the most effective way to increase the PR of the site is by increasing the links which points out your website.

To increase links is the best and the most fast way to improve the Google Page Rank. It will be more effective if you try to get back links from the websites with higher Page Rank. There are many ways to do that:

  • You can purchase links
  • Submission to directories
  • Build a sitemap for your website and submitting it to Google and yahoo
  • Updating the content of the website regularly and adding new unique content
  • Provide inside linking to your website
  • Trade your links with other web owners
  • Avoid nofollow links
  • Focus should be getting permanent links

Practicing the above tips, you will get better results within few days. You should avoid doing anything that spoils your Google PageRank like paying for text links or publishing duplicate content for your website or web pages, etc.

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