Internet Marketing How to Increase Lead Generation from a Website? By Elinsys, 26th May 2011

A lead is a person or a group of people who shows or expresses some interest in a product or service. Lead generation occurs when a visitor of your site takes some action and contacts your company. In order to get successful in this, your website has to be designed optimally and exposed to targeted internet traffic.

There are certain ways to do that discussed below:-

  1. Site Content and Article Marketing: By high quality of content, your website will stand out from the rest and will give confidence to your visitor in your company and its products and services. Also by writing articles and posting them to different article directories online, the search engines will come to know about you and give you higher ranking and online presence.
  2. Social Networking: Social Networking sites like Facebook are big on internet now. They are great place to generate leads if done properly as these sites get huge amount of traffic. Just keep your link in appropriate places which can even get passed around and can even go viral.
  3. Use Feedback forms and give/collect contact information: By including feedback forms you can get contact information of the visitor which can be helpful for you and you should also include your contact information in your site so that in case visitor wants to contact you for further queries, he/she can do that.
  4. Navigation: Navigation of the site should be not cluttered so that the visitor finds easy to locate the products or services or information they are looking for easily. You should try your best to make easy for them to navigate through and access your key areas.
  5. Include Blogs: Having a blog on a website ensures richness and consistent flow of information that you can provide to visitors.
  6. Use Auto Responders to Collect Detailed Information: Use auto responders to send people a confirmation when they request your free article or sign up for your newsletter.

Along with doing all this, generating leads from the website also require nurturing, maintenance, and ongoing optimization to set you apart from your competitors and engage better with your audience.

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