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Let’s begin with what exactly is smart bidding. It’s a part of Google Ads. It’s actually a digital advertising tool from Google Ads that uses machine learning and user data to optimize ad campaigns so you can meet business goals.

Digital marketer spend 80% of their time on manual bidding and 20% on actual strategies. Well, by eliminating all the manual work that goes behind running a successful ads campaign, you can achieve your marketing goals faster. With smart bidding, you choose a strategy that is specifically designed to achieve your business goals and get the best ROI for your campaigns.

Essentially, with smart bidding, as your campaigns run, Google learns more about the ads and makes adjustments – in real time – as needed depending on the goals you set. For example, if your goal is to get people to purchase from you, smart bidding is set to get as many purchases depending on the budget you set.

Comparing smart and manual bidding

As its name implies, smart bidding is automated. So, once it’s set up, it will automatically look for different signals from users such as their device and language, campaign data and make the best bidding decisions for you. With manual bidding, you had to make to bidding decisions based on your own research. Once you did your research and placed your bid, you had to manually monitor your campaigns and look for ways to increase effectiveness. Making adjustments and getting results was your responsibility. Well, most likely, you will be running multiple campaigns at once, so you would also need to repeat the process and do your research and adjust the bids for each campaign that you have running. As opposed to that, you don’t spend hours trying to fine tune the bids for your ads. Simply set your goals for the campaigns and let Google Ads make the best of your investment!

So, how do you set up smart bidding?

Smart bidding can be set up in your Google Ads account. You should also make sure that you have conversion tracking set up for your account. Here are a few smart bidding strategies that you could choose from:

Target Cost-Per-Action or Target CPA: It lets you choose how much you think a conversion is worth. Once you set it up with a target CPA, Google Ads will make the best bids for your campaigns to achieve the target goal.

Target Return On Ad Spend or Target ROAS: you tell Google Ads what you want your return on ad spend to be and it works to get you the best returns for your set goals.

In both cases, you need to have a target number in mind without which you cannot go ahead. Well, if you do not have a number in mind, you have a third option!

Maximize Conversions or Conversion Value: This strategy aims to convert as many people as possible by being within your budget limits. You get the maximum value for your business – of course it depends on the overall goals of your business.

So, why should you use smart bidding for your business?

Like the name suggests – you really get to work smarter! NOT harder! You no longer need to set manual bids and leave it to ‘luck’ to get great value. You simply need to know your goals and let Google do the bidding for you!

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