Coming Soon, Web Design Template, Website Design Service Importance of Designing a ‘Coming Soon’ Webpage for Your Business By Elinsys, 24th Feb 2020

One of the most valuable assets – even before you launch your product or website is a ‘Coming Soon’ page. They not only stand-in for your business or soon to be store, but help grab initial attention – sometimes even intrigue. Being a part of the planning, these pages are essential to gain initial traction while you prepare for your big launch. It’s a smart way to gather feedback and a list of initial potential customers to market to.

What should your coming soon page include?

A coming soon page to a website should be to the point and contain information that points exactly to what is coming. It is a destination to all your pre-launch marketing efforts. It must satisfy some or all of the following objectives:

  • Explain what is coming soon and generate a hype around it.
  • Build an email list – a pre-launch page enables you to capture audience without anything available to immediately purchase. You can use early bird price benefits, exclusive benefits and entry to some contests etc.
  • Give prospective customers a way to get in touch – either via email or via social media or chat. It enables you to get honest inputs about your product.
  • Encourage visitors to spread the word via social media call to action placed on your page.

One of the greatest benefits of a coming soon page is that it is not a permanent page. It is just a placeholder. It hence offers flexibility to make changes to the final pages – if you pay heed to the feedback and analytics.

Well, a coming soon page may not be necessary for every business. But it definitely helps create an initial buzz around your brand, plus you get honest feedback for your product/business, so that when you are finally ready to launch, you already have a full house to present to.

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