Open Source Development, PHP Web Development Importance of Joomla Development By Elinsys, 28th Aug 2013

Gone are the days when businesses would design attractive and expensive print material for marketing their business or spreading their message. With globalization taking over the world of business, the traditional way of performing business will soon evade. eCommerce technology has paved an easy way for buyers and sellers to come together which indirectly saves time and costs. Realizing the importance of eCommerce, more and more businesses are drawn towards using it and giving their business a novel dimension.

Joomla is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. Helping businesses to appeal a large scale of clients through perfectly designed websites and companies, it stands out for perfection. This fully-featured CMS can handle various aspects of the web including designing a catalog, creating a photo gallery, creating tailor made calendars or Newsletters, comments, reviews, events, forums etc. Joomla development is mostly preferred for creating websites, online commerce portals, and job portals or for government and private websites. Corporates with huge database often avail of Joomla software to manage corporate web applications and upgrade their system as per their needs. To fulfill this purpose they hire professional Joomla developers who provide top notch Joomla development services. These professionals can manage everything from writing product descriptions to uploading product images and graphics.

Following are some of the services offered under the Joomla development umbrella:

  • Designing custom based templates
  • Adding modules
  • Integrating graphics
  • Developing custom components
  • Maintaining Joomla portals.

Joomla eCommerce development is one of the most popular forms of Joomla development because more businesses are inclined to buying and selling goods online through ecommerce portals. Following are the benefits offered by Joomla development:

  • Automated customer support
  • Low maintenance and cost
  • Online content management
  • System auditing
  • Risk management
  • Easy configuration
  • Support for more than 2000 modules which help in adding website functionalities
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Smooth customization
  • High security for PHP applications
  • Automated business logic

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