Search Engine Optimization Influencing Search Engine Position by Making Use of Directories By Elinsys, 10th May 2011

Directory submission is done with the mission of getting more inbound links. Today one of the most important aspects for the purpose of link building is directory submission. Search engines always give some importance to links which we get from directories and so more attention should be given to some factors while submitting so as to get best results from the directory links.

Directories are the safest way when there is a question of building links and selecting the right directories for the submitting the site is not at all an easy task. The first thing to find the right directories is to find directories with good PageRank which is suitable for your submissions. Another factor to be considered is how often those directories have being indexed and cached. The directories which are indexed and crawled frequently will definitely add to the PageRank of the website faster.

After selecting the directories for submissions, make the best use of directories by carefully submitting your links and make sure that you optimize your directory submissions.

Things to be considered while directory submissions are:-

  • The links should be properly optimized for the keywords that you want your site ranked for.
  • Keywords should be chosen after a proper research and selection of those should be done that are minimally competed for but searched more.
  • Your anchor text should vary and it should not be over crowded as it increases the chances of rejections of submissions.
  • Select the most appropriate category for your website.
  • The title and description should not sound like you are promoting your website to avoid rejection.

Directory submission is a little more time-consuming than other activities but it is an integral and vital part of search engine optimization exercise.

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