Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Business Growth By Elinsys, 29th Mar 2011

For any online business, its success depends on how and where it is being promoted or marketed. But then again if that is done properly, we just get more net traffic. So the next step is to convert that visitor’s into customers and from there the next job is to convert customer into repeat buyers.

Good Internet Marketing Strategies are listed below for growth in your online business:-

1. Targeted Marketing – This kind of marketing is performed by totally concentrating and focusing on target audience like who is your target audience, what are their necessities and most importantly how you going to reach them. The first step for any internet marketing campaign is to understand your audience. There are many ways to reach the target audience on web like through search engines, Ezine advertising, links, joint ventures and many more.

2. Permission Marketing – Methods of Permission marketing includes publishing newsletter, offering product or service announcements or updates, using auto responder to distribute reports, articles or stories, etc. In this method you take permission of visitor’s to contact them which give some benefits like you will be able market to them regularly till they unsubscribe and subscribers automatically qualify themselves as they interested prospects so you can focus on marketing to them.

3. Relationship Marketing – Relationship Marketing is all about you treat your visitors and customers while marketing. They should be treated as simple people instead of treating as just another customer. The ways to market you in this type of marketing are including offer having opt-in newsletter over time, answering phone calls and e-mails regularly and with courtesy, offering something extra like Christmas cards. These some little efforts can differentiate you from others.

4. Confidence and Credibility Marketing – Building confidence in you and your business is very necessary which will inspire your customers to make a purchase from you. This can be achieved by creating a website or by some other ways like posting testimonials from satisfied customers, writing articles, columns or interviews which establishes recognition and lots of other things can be done.

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