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It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about holiday advertising for your business, As Q4 is the biggest quarter for many retailers. Naturally, many of our clients have their holiday advertising plans in place for the Christmas holiday season. It’s not too late if you haven’t already started too.
Here’s let’s cover some quick and not-so-quick ways you can prepare yourself for the holidays. Depending on your business, you can use many of the same ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Label all key holiday brands

It’s a good idea to label your holiday campaigns. Highlight key products and make a note of strategic brands. This will give you a clear idea on what you need to focus on and not get distracted by any other aspects.

2. Use ad extensions

Most ecommerce solutions have appropriate ad extensions that you can use for your business to incorporate holiday messaging to your customers. Ad extensions are a great way to incorporate holiday messaging and get searchers right to information they’re looking for. For web pages and mobile applications too you can have callout extensions and promotion extensions added.

3. Build out generic terms

During the holidays, it’s a good idea to build out generic terms, as there are more opportunities for ads to be seen and for people to purchase products. In the New Year, examine data and figure out what makes sense to further expand. The most common examples could be Gifts for age/boy/girl/child, Toys for age/boy/girl/child, OR Types of toys (wooden, educational, building/construction, dolls, plush, etc.).

Be creative and dig deep to find permutations and combinations that you think make sense. The keyword tool can be a great way to find opportunities here.

4. Revamp ad copy!

Ads should also be customized as per the holiday season. Many people buy gifts for their families, friends and relatives. But many people buy for themselves too. Adding a Christmas ad copy with Christmas specific messages such as buy today and receive before Christmas, or place a countdown timer and say “Hurry only xyz days to order for Christmas! You can go crazy with your Christmas ads. Sometimes, in the ad copy, something as simple as “Treat Yourself” can be an effective strategy to target shoppers who buy for themselves.

5. Shopping campaigns

Special Offers make your ads and links stand out from the rest. Shoppers are always looking for a deal and what good time than the holiday season to offer these deals. Appealing deals will attract more attention. Deal verbiage in headlines, site links, shopping ads will definitely increase conversions.

6. Remarketing

Use Google Analytics to gain insights. Retargeting the visitors who visit holiday pages is a good strategy. Creating custom audience with this data is an even better idea. Google considers various signals like location, device type and browser gauges if a user is likely to convert. Dynamic remarketing – based on the items people have previously searched for is an effective holiday season strategy too.

As the holiday season begins………….

Many shoppers have already begun their holiday shopping, so do not delay! What strategies are you employing to boost your paid search campaign performance this holiday season?

Elinsys is a digital marketing company that has helped companies to achieve success on the web. To find out how we boost your online presence with an awesome holiday marketing strategy and what we can do for you by viewing our internet marketing services page.

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