iOS Update 11.2.5 – Should You Upgrade to Beta or Wait for the Official Release?

You can get the official version and update your device. It’s available for developers for free and requires an Apple ID. If you do upgrade to beta and wish to downgrade, fortunately there’s a way to get off the iOS 11.2.5. You can downgrade to 11.2.2, 11.2.1 or 11.2. You cannot downgrade to versions lower than that.
So, what’s new?

  • Reintroduces AirPlay 2. AirPlay was first announced as a part of iOS 11 and was a major upgrade to the company’s audio streaming. It comes with some exciting features incluing multi room audio playback and higher level buffering.
  • It also includes a new Sisi with the ability to instantly stream news podcast when the service is asked about the news.
  • The iOS 11.2.5 beta versions 6 and 7 also patch up the malicious chaiOS link exploit.  If you receive a malicious link through your messaging app, your iPhone will either lock up or respring. The messaging app will also become unusable. The iOS 11.2.5 comes with a fix for this exploit too.
  • A few more additional tweaks and bug fixes.

Although it’s tempting to upgrade to the iOS 11.2.5 beta version, it’s best that you avoid it right now, especially since the official release is close.
Trying out a pre-release software is a great way to get familiar with changes and test performance. The only glitch is that it should not cause more harm than any good. So until the official version is officially released, it’s best to stay put with the current version of iOS on your device.
The size of iOS 11.2.5 is almost 2 GB (beta). The official release may not command that much space. The beta version is currently going through rigorous testing and will be free from all kinds of bugs when it’s officially released. Some of the major issues observed are severe battery drain, busted Bluetooth, broken Wi-Fi, app instability, UI lag, and other performance issues. These problems popup after every iOS release and we expect to see them when iOS 11.2.5 arrives too.
Apple’s new releases for iOS are always awaited as they solve and fix bugs that existed in the earlier release and also make new features more accurate and crisp and brings about a great improvement in the performance – but ensure that you wait for the official release after all the beta testing has been done!


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