iPhone Apps Development How is iPhone Apps Development Different? By Elinsys, 15th May 2017

The world’s most advanced mobile operating system – iOS 10 has everything that you wish for designing beautiful and engaging mobile apps.

iPhone apps development has always been exciting for mobile application developers. There are always a lot of new features to look forward to with each release of the operating system as well as the mobile device. It’s just a completely different experience working with Apple devices and apple operating systems!

Here’s why:

Three primary themes differentiate iOS from other platforms:

Clarity – When you take a close look at iOS, you will find that throughout the system, the text is legible and icons are precise and lucid. Adornments are always subtle and appropriate. A sharpened focus on functionality truly motivates the design. All the important elements are highlighted by the negative spaces, colors, fonts,graphics and other interface elements.

Deference – fluid motion is one of the most elegant characteristics of the iPhone. A crisp beautiful interface helps people interact with it easily. The  content fills the entire screen while translucency and blurring often hint at more. Minimal use of bezels gradients and drop shadows keep the interface light and airy.

Depth – The interface has distinct visual layers and the realistic motions convey hierarchy. Transitions are used to introduce a sense of depth.

In order to maximize the use of these features and build impactful apps, developers need to keep the following principles in mind:

Aesthetic integrity

Basically, aesthetic integrity tells you how well an app’s appearance and behaviour integrate with its function. For example serious apps require people to focus on their tasks and hence subtle, un-obstructive graphics and standard controls are a must. Predictable behaviours are also essential in such cases. On the other hand, immersive apps like games could be made more fun and could be designed to deliver a captivating experience while encouraging discovery.


A consistent app implements familiar standards and uses system provided interface elements and most common – well known icons as well as standard text sizes along with uniform terminology. It does not provide anything unexpected to its users.

Direct manipulation

Users can easily experience direct manipulation when they rotate the screen or use gestures to affect the onscreen content. With the help of direct manipulation, you will see an immediate results of your actions.

User control

Throughout the operating system, people feel like they are in control. Apps almost never take up any kind of decision making. The best apps are those that find the correct balance between empowering users and avoiding undesirable outcomes. Interactive elements are hence kept familiar and predictable.

These were the most important considerations while designing an app for iOS.

If you are looking for iPhone apps development services, contact us and we can discuss your requirements in detail!

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