Is It Possible To Get Penalties By Search Engines Lifted?

search engine optimization, be prudent and use the techniques with care. Over doing keyword density, back linking or anything brings you straight down the search engine results ladder. Take a few precautionary steps to build credibility for your website in the eyes of search engines.

For starters, register yourself with the search engine’s Web Master Tools. This creates an additional trust factor. Check and re-check your pages for broken links or crawl errors, warnings or spam alerts. Check the accessibility to your website. And just in case your website gets penalized after you have taken all the necessary actions, do not panic, follow a few basic steps. Send your reconsideration to the Web Master Tools service. (Before you do that, be absolutely sure that you really have not been spamming or involved in black hat practices. If you have been doing so, there is no way you can get a ranking again).

Well, if you have been honest, fix, re-fix everything, from content to keywords, to back links. About – back links, re-check the sources. Check your content for overstuffing of keywords. Re-write it if necessary.

Finally re-submit your request, and mind you – the wait for approval is long – be patient.


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