Internet Marketing Key Differences Between Advertising and Sales Promotions By Elinsys, 20th Dec 2019

Very essential components – yet very distinct concepts, Advertising and Promotions are easily interpreted by many as being the same and used interchangeably. Well, we had already talked about the basics in our previous post. In this post, let us take a closer look at how these concepts impact and influence modern businesses and modern customers in a digital age.

Here is an overview of the previous article:

Advertising is done to build brand image and promotions are essentially more focused on getting revenues right now.

Means of advertising are usually mass communication via television, radio, magazines, newspaper, and internet placement. Whereas, promotions include things like giving free samples, special events or offers, providing discounts or coupons, etc.

So we can say that the primary objective of advertising is to create a long-term brand image and the main objective of promotion is to get maximum sales quickly. That is why; the time frame of doing promotion is shorter than that of doing advertising campaigns.


So, is it any different in today’s digital age?

The answer is No. Basics will always remain the same. These concepts when applied to ‘digital’ make their digital advertising and promotions.

So, when you run ads online to promote your products, services, business or create brand awareness, it’s a digital advertising and usually run via Display ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) or Social Ads. Starting from the company’s website to branding including digital advertising, email marketing, blog posts, infographics, logos, tools, white papers, and everything else that is helpful in online promotion. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email and Online PR play a vital role in online promotions and advertising.

Using the right tools for brand awareness and for sales becomes the distinguishing factor in Advertising and Promotions – both traditionally and digitally!

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