Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research And Search Engine Optimization By Elinsys, 20th Sep 2011

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of the role played by keywords in search engine optimization. If keyword is of that much importance, ensure that you have done your homework well before selecting a keyword for your website content. If you get the keyword research right and select the most appropriate one for your website, half your work is done!

There are some important considerations to take into account while selecting a keyword:

  • While selecting a keyword, the foremost priority would be for “relevance”. Do not get into the idea of selecting a “nearly relevant” keyword which you know works with search engines, but does not have too much to do with your website products or services. It’s tempting but a bad idea. Why? – Because you will get a ranking, but very little or no conversion!
  • Second most important factor is the keyword research that involves keywords used by competitors. Select the top ten or twenty websites with similar products and services like yours, and analyze what keyword they are using, well, if they have got top rankings, they are doing something right! And now select a keyword that they don’t use! This will put you ahead of your competitors.
  • Lastly select very specific keywords, don’t generalize. Use a very specific string of words that suit your website best and imagine what your customer might enter to search your product.

With all this said, understand that your online business depends on it – this will definitely help you select the right keyword.

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