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Google web designer was launched in October 2013. It is an installable application for Windows 7 and higher or Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. This is a tool for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. It allows advertisers to easily create ads using HTML5 for mobiles as well as desktop. It creates media rich ads for mobiles and you can also create single page sites that are interactive. Although some features are available only for ads, there are plans to expand the existing tools for web site creation and other purposes as well.

This tool is a visual tool and does not require much of coding. However you can view the code and make changes to the Java script or the CSS within the editor that is built-in the application. Some of the features included are similar to the usual design tools that are available. For example you have the pen tool for free drawing or the timeline that will manage the animations. Hire the best web designer who can create 3D content using CSS3. It can also create a pre-built set of components for embedded videos or maps or galleries.

The major feature of the application is animation and gives a quick mode for creating simple animations. For designers who want more control on the elements in the animation there is an advanced mode. You can argue that all these features much more is available in other tools which are also more sophisticated like Adobe Muse or Reflow. But Google has offered these features in a tool that is available for free and can be easily installed.

Google web designer is not just about designing your own pages, but it allows you to use HTML5 interactions. There are plenty of animation tools including 3D rotation and translation tools. You can create complex text effects as there is a huge web font library that is available within the tool.
While working within the tool, you can view results in Chrome. To view results in other browsers some modification needs to be done within the code. Google has developed the tool so that pages are seen in Chrome with Chrome specific features.

The user interface of the tool is attractive and has a wide variety of options and panels to choose from.

Google Web designer is still in the beta version and is not yet a full-fledged web designer tool. It is primarily used for creating HTML5 animations and CSS3 animations. The animation task within the tool is intuitive and does not require special skills or knowledge. Simple animations can be done through the visual interface and if you want something more sophisticated you can make changes in the code as well.

Google web designer is in beta and there is huge scope for improvisation but as a first attempt for a HTML5 development tool this is a good start.

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