Mobile App Development Know the Best Cost to Build iOS and Android App By Elinsys, 27th Sep 2019

Relatively low prices and high quality are what everybody is looking for. Developing an app could be a costly affair – unless you find the right development agency. Cost of the software varies widely depending on the type of development you choose – whether a freelance developer, and agency, an experienced company or a start-up. Let’s take a look at what factors influence the price of developing an Android App or an iOS App.

What influences the cost of an app?

The cost of developing an app does not hinge on the development time and hourly rates alone. It has a number of dependencies. Some of them are the complexity of the product being developed, the list of features and post-release support expenses.

App development team

Depending on the project requirements, you can hire a local development team or an offshore app development team. You can save money on the development resources and use that on the other aspects of the app that require greater attention to detail that will cost more – and where compromise might mean compromising on the features of the app.

Technical complexity

Depending on the feature list, the technical complexity of the app is decided. The price for development of the app will definitely vary as per the technical complexity of the app. So, if you are adding very specific features that are relevant to your business, make sure you analyze how it will impact the cost of the app.

Backend development

If you are planning a dynamic app where millions of users exchange huge amount of information in real-time, you will require to develop a backend that can withstand huge loads and yet work smoothly under any conditions. This means that the backend architecture will have to be expertly designed. This, in turn, means more time spent and more money.

Niche third party integrations

There are a number of third party integrations that may be required to boost the development speed. Of course, there will be time spent on the integration and since they are third party, some may be paid and some not. So, while you estimate your project cost, that this into consideration too.

In-app purchases

In an attempt to integrate as many payment options as possible so as to cater to the entire audience, in-app purchases are made more and more flexible. So, if that’s going to be a part of your app, be ready to pay more too.

Custom designs and animations

If your business requires customer designs for the interfaces, it could cost you a little extra. Designers need to cater to your specific business needs and choose custom components rather than standard UI components. When it comes to animations, these add to the cost too.

Post release expenses

Over and above the actual cost of development for the project, there are post release expenses to be considered. These include app updates, customer support, backend server maintenance, cloud hosting and a host of other options. These have a huge impact on the apps success and are hence necessary – but definitely add to the cost!

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