Website Design Service Landing Page Designs Need to be More Customer-Centric By Elinsys, 31st Aug 2020
Business Landing Pages

Gone are the days of self-indulgent product stories.  Gone are the irrelevant and questionable claims. Today’s customers demand more from web pages. They look for quick information and instant action. Some say, that a business website is meant for the business and what they have to offer. Its purpose is to increase awareness. But, the truth of the matter is that the audience for any website are – the customers of that business. So, why are customer needs not the centre of web design?

The answer to all this is – to design Landing Pages that are completely customer-centric and one that understands what the customer needs and what is required to drive sales.

Here are some of the important points to consider while designing a landing page:

  • The landing pages should be designed with what the customer wants in mind – rather than what our product has to offer.
  • Think outside the context of solving a pain point – understand what drives them to buy.
  • Make customer interactions with your website (Landing Page) more engaging.
  • The easier it is for the customer to navigate and take action, the better it is for the business.
  • The content on the page should evoke the right emotions and takes them to a mental state that is more receptive to being sold something.
  • Keep the messaging consistent across all the channels of communication. Especially the ad content and the landing page content – as customers after viewing the ad will directly land there.
  • If you promise something on an ad copy, make sure the landing page expands the promise and makes it more believable. This ensures customer trust.
  • Always link them to the action you want them to take after they land on your web page.

Web design has evolved over the years and businesses today use websites not only for awareness, but also for performing many more tasks in the funnel. Right from awareness, consideration, evaluation – until final purchase – your website design could funnel in at every stage and help drive sales – if you have considered all of these actions while you design your website.

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