Internet Marketing Landing Page Mistakes To Be Aware Of! By Elinsys, 19th Oct 2011

Landing pages are those where your prospective customers are going to land after clicking on your advertisements on the internet. The impact that your landing page creates decides whether you get a conversion or not! So, make it your most valuable conversion asset! There are several no-no’s of a landing page design. Ensure that you have not repeated mistakes that others have made and avoid facing the same consequences that others faced!

So, you created an ad with the most irresistible offer? Now check out what you need to avoid in order to get the most desired benefits from your landing pages.

  • Your headlines must make an impact – a well written and well presented headline in continuation to your ad helps retention of a website visitor to wait – look at the details on the page.
  • Don’t confuse customers with 2 -3 call to actions! There should be just one option!
  • Poor design – you might as well not have a landing page!
  • Call to action button should be easily visible.
  • No discrepancies in the ad and the landing page! The message in both must match!

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