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Link Building –Organic is Good!

Like any one of us, Google does not like to be cheated too! Google does appreciate honest links and quality content. With the recent changes in the algorithms, you can be sure that any kind of dishonesty can be detected and scraped by Google. Search Engine Optimization is getting tough. So as SEO experts and search engine optimization services providers, we need to be careful with what type of links we are building. With SEO always remember – anything organic is good!

So take a look at your links and check whether they are from irrelevant websites. These websites may be owned by you or your clients, but if the subject matter is not related – don’t link them just to get a link! Recheck your anchor texts too the links going to irrelevant pages or coming from irrelevant pages can be dangerous. When quality sites link to poor quality site – it gets a little suspicious.

Well, it is a known fact that Google’s algorithm is getting smarter and we as SEO experts, need to get smarter too. Organic links are good and legitimate content strategy is good. That’s the way to rank. Well, if you get into the “bad” practices, you shall be punished by Google!

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