Hire Open Source Developer, Open Source Development What to Look for When You Hire Open Source Developers By Elinsys, 19th Oct 2016

As the world grows increasingly digitalized, more and more businesses are looking for web site and app developers. When you run a business, it is even more important to get the right developer for your website and apps, whether for a new launch or for an upgrade the success of your project depends to a great extent on the developer you hire, particularly so when you hire open source developers.  You will need your networking skills, technical expertise, and process management skills to find the right fit. The challenge of hiring a good developer is multiplied when you consider that there is no one benchmark for selection.

You have to look at the soft skill competencies as well as technical skills to evaluate developers. It would be a mistake to depend on stock questions to deal with soft skill ability assessment as the answers can be rehearsed or dodged with evasive replies. So make sure to check out both skill sets. Shortlisting candidates who might fit the bill is a good way to start and what better place than your personal network. Get referrals from those in your network.You can then move to blogs and technical postings to find out interests and abilities of different developers on your list. Read them carefully to gauge their technical expertise and also get to understand their method of working, their ability to handle various hurdles, and their level of commitment. Look for people contributing to open source projects. Make a note of their role and contribution in the project.

Open source developers are basically problem solvers. They take up one or more problem areas in an existing code and build on it. Look for developers who keep themselves updated about latest technological trends and are comfortable working with them. Most companies expect their developers to work with big data. As cloud computing catches on, more and more businesses will expect developers to have the ability to integrate apps with the cloud. Along with this your developer needs to know the world of mobile phones and other hand held devices. Add to this a sound knowledge of computing languages and you have a good candidate profile.

Another thing to focus on is where and how your candidates gained their technical knowledge. There are a numbers of free tutorials online that teach these skills. These are good to keep one up to date with trends, but do not ignore the importance of hands on formal training. Ascertain that your choice has good communication skills. This will come in handy when you connect with your developer while your project is under way. You need developers who are proactive and have leadership qualities. These are people who will be available for your project and will willingly devote time to it.

The final criteria to hire open source developers are to ask for the charges for their services. Agree on the mode of payment and you have your candidate ready.

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