Hire PHP Developer What to Look for When You Hire PHP Programmer By Elinsys, 19th Dec 2016

PHP developers are plenty. It’s pretty easy to find a programmer and begin working on a project. But wait – not so fast! It’s not about hiring just any programmer you come across, it’s about hiring the right one. Someone, who not only is skilled at his job; but also has a business sense that will add value to your project and make it work hassle free, flawlessly and profitably. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier for you to hire PHP programmer in India.

Decide on the type of developer you need

The first step, though obvious, needs mentioning. Know the type of developer you need. Your job might need a single developer or a number of people to work together.

Go to freelance sites or look for web development companies

There are a number of freelance websites you can visit to post your job requirement. Instead of depending on a single site, you could try posting your job on several of them. This gives you a wider choice. Do remember to customize your posting for each site. Read the responses carefully to separate auto responses and low skilled groups to shortlist the potential candidates.

Look up reviews and portfolios

Be sure to carefully read through reviews and study portfolios. These together provide you with a basic understanding of how the developer works and how satisfying that work has been for former employers.

Test skills before a hire

It would be frustrating to find your developer lacks necessary skills for your project after a hire. Avoid the frustration, anxiety and stress by testing skills before a final nod. You could consider taking help from an advisor for this. This also prunes down the short listed candidates leaving the most suitable as potential hires. Be sure to test personality traits at the final interview to understand the candidate’s ability to fit in and work in your environment.

Look for experience in working with different cultures

The web does away with geographical and time boundaries. Your developer could be from any part of the world and could belong to different cultural norms. Make sure you understand their way of thinking and working before you sign a contract with them.

Decide on cost and time frame

You need your work completed on time. Make sure your developer is available to meet deadlines. Find out how many on-going projects the programmer of your choice is involved in. work out the cost factor for delays in case you select a programmer who might delay your work due to other commitments.

Draft your contract with care

Get an expert to draw up your contract. Make sure to mention all relevant clauses in your contract. This helps in making the work relationship transparent. Both sides are confident of their part in the contract and arguments and altercations are avoided.

Hire PHP developers from India and get the best in the industry to work on your projects. The talent pool you have at your disposal worldwide is large and diverse. Give yourself a chance to look for the best among them.

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