Hire PHP Developer, PHP Web Development What to look for when hiring a PHP developer By Elinsys, 20th Oct 2017

In this technology driven business world, it is imperative that your business has something unique, to stand out amongst the rest. Your website should be both professional and attention grabbing and at the same time it should be able to enrich customer experiences when they interact with your business. This is exactly where PHP development can benefit your business.

The role of a PHP developer in shaping your business

Hiring a PHP developer becomes necessary when your immediate strategy to grow is to go online. It is also essential that you ensure that there is proper infrastructure in place to host your website. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, a website development experts can give your business an edge over the others.

There are a number of professionals engaged in PHP development and the popularity and robustness of the framework keeps increasing. Here are a few aspects to consider while hiring a PHP programmer for your project. Well, PHP programmers are plenty, but finding the one that will suit your requirements is a challenge.


On the basis of technical proficiency, the PHP developers can be categorized into three groups: Beginner, mid level and advanced. The beginner level has just entered the world of development and need not be your first choice. You will have to hire someone senior to guide them. Mid level developers could be the right fit for your project as they have enough knowledge and could be budget friendly too. Further, advanced level developers come with years of experience and have worked on a diverse set of projects and can not only do a good job, but also add value to the project.

Source for hiring

After you have decided what level of skills would be right for your project, you will need o look for the correct source to hire PHP developers. Among the different sources, the first should be to look at references from others who have recently hired PHP developers and are known to have done a good job. The next important decision for you is whether you want to hire a web development company or a freelancer. A freelancer could be a good option when your project is not too large and can be handled single-handedly. But for a more complex project, the experience and diverse skill set of a team could come handy. It will help add value to your project. Hiring developers from a reputed web development company could be a better choice in that case.

Model based hiring

There are also two methods of hiring. In the first one, you can hire developers based on the hours of work they put in, and in the second method you can pre-decide the payment per project basis. The payment terms in both cases will need to be decided at the time of hire and before you begin your project.

Make sure that you hire a programmer after considering all the above aspects.

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