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The stay at home orders have shifted customer behaviours around the world. Well, ecommerce used to be an option – today, it’s the only option. Many businesses and organizations have made the shift to this new normal – and set up instant online stores, those that already had ecommerce platforms or their stores saw a significant rise in traffic – almost 30%. (this is nearly as much as we see on either cyber Monday or black Friday).

While ecommerce has always been on the forefront of economic growth, it has gained all the more importance during these unprecedented times. Brands both large and small are prioritizing their digital investments to ensure that they offer continued services and frictionless shopping experiences to their customers. 

Magento has recently announced ‘Product Recommendations’ powered by Adobe Sensei – which is their Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology. Customers can deploy automated and intelligent product recommendations across their storefronts, helping their customers discover relevant products throughout their shopping journey. It also helps create engagement, conversation and hence drive more customers and hence revenue.

Benefits of the recommendations program:

Auto-distributed page tagging and catalog sync: The store fronts are automatically tagged with no coding requirements. The merchant’s product catalog is also automatically synced to a dedicated cloud service to offload processing from their Magento server. 

AI-Driven Retail Experience: Adobe Sensei helps to automatically analyze shopper behaviour through multiple machine learning algorithms, eliminating tons of manual effort required to continuously product accurate product affinities – for every shopper.

Nine different recommendation types: MErchants can choose from nine different recommendation types and place them across their store. Recommendation Types included are Trending, Viewed-Viewed, Viewed-Bought, More Like This, Most Purchased, and Recommended For You.

Embedded Merchant Experience: It enables an integrated user interface and allows you to create, manage and deploy product recommendations directly from Magento Admin – it also helps you stay on top of metrics such as impressions, views, clicks, revenue and more.

Streamlined user flow: The workflow is more streamlined and simplifies the creation of product recommendations into clear and well defined steps.

It’s a great feature to test during these times – where people will be online – on their smartphones and laptops – browsing away!

Image Credit: https://tinyurl.com/y7p7nlfr

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