Android, iOS, Technology How To Make a BITCOIN Wallet App? By Elinsys, 27th Mar 2018

In this world of technological advancements, is it impossible to think of simpler banking systems or is it harder to think a better way to manage your mobile payments? The answer is yes, there are ways to make things more simple, more convenient and quick.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain digital currency provides users with a better way to manage their mobile payments. Bitcoin can be enabled as a payment option in a mobile app or you can develop your own bitcoin wallet for mobile apps you already have. Here’s why bitcoin wallet apps will be good for your business.

But, what is bitcoin wallet app?

Digital money is almost like real money – you can use it to make any transactions you want. Bitcoin has emerged as a convenient, trustworthy and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Let’s have a closer look. The digital system works in two steps. The first is transferring money from your bank account to your digital wallet. This is a very fast process as you can buy Bitcoin directly online through a currency exchange. In the second step, you can use this to make payments.

Along with simplicity, this kind of a system also has many benefits such as:

  • Anonymity – you know only the address of the wallet but not who owns it.
  • Decentralization – all the transaction in cryptocurrency are not under the governmental control.
  • Safety – users aren’t asked to include any secret information during transactions.
  • No inflation – the money turnover does not go beyond 21 million.
  • Accessibility – by far it is the most popular financial application in the world.


Now coming to the next question of developing a cryptocurrency application, it’s not as complicated as one can imagine. These kinds of apps are built with the help of libraries which are used as the foundation for developing a bitcoin wallet. The API is essential for successful and fast synchronization of the wallet with blockchain. This greatly eases the transaction process. Chain – Java is commonly used for development and can be converted to Objective C for those who wish to create bitcoiniOS wallet application. So, it’s not a particularly costly deal to create a cryptocurrency application for both Android and iOS platforms.

For any app, here are the four stages of implementing a bitcoin app:

  • Firstly, install the API for synching with the blockchain.
  • The actual creation of the bitcoin wallet.
  • Setting permissions for the transactions
  • Integrating a standard set of programs for managing transactions such as address generation, balance checking etc.


If you do not wish to create an app from scratch, you can also integrate this wallet as a payment option. It’s perfect for those who do not wish to hold on to cryptocurrency and the instabilities that go with it. By using it as a payment option,  you can exchange cryptocurrency and transfer the actual money into your bank accounts.It makes the whole process of buying and selling easy.

Bitcoin is poised to become another successful digital transformation into the future. It can make transactions and payments all over the world. It’s alarmingly easy to use and absolutely safe!

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