Search Engine Optimization Meta Tags and SEO By Elinsys, 01st Jul 2011

Before Meta tags were the main tool for Search Engine Optimization as it used to have large impact on the ranking of the website in the search engines. But now the keyword tag has very little impact comparatively on the position of website in the search results of search engines.

Before search engines used to give good importance to these tags but lately it was overused by most of the webmasters and that’s the reason why search engines stopped giving it more importance.

Meta tags are specifically HTML tags set which is in the beginning of HTML Page describing about that web page and its content. Every webmaster is recommended to use at least 2 Meta tags that are Meta description and Meta keywords. Meta description is very important as it affects a lot the ranking of that web page or that keyword or the website. The Meta description and keywords used should be such that it is relevant to the content of the website and it should be unique that is for every web page of the website do not use same keywords.

Search engine crawlers considers if they find the keywords and description relevant to the content of the page. So it is necessary to give good importance and potential to create the most appropriate Meta tags for each web page in the website. Some search engines also give weight age to Meta robot tags which webmasters use to index the website. This robot tag is all new which is now available for search engines designed to tell them when webmasters don’t want any particular web page to be indexed or crawled.

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