Mobile App Development Mobile Application Development – From Idea to Development By Elinsys, 13th Apr 2015

Randomly thinking of ideas is a good place to start mobile application development! Really! Well, if you are planning to take your business to the next level with a mobile app, you need to start thinking of what part of your business actually needs an app. Or what kind of mobile app will be beneficial for your business in terms of business. If you are venturing into a web-only and mobile only online business, that’s a great idea too! Well, ideas are where everything begins! So, let’s take a look at how to convert your mobile application development ideas into actually working apps!Having the right direction to develop your ideas will definitely help you succeed.

Start with a vague idea

Not much brainstorming is required. Start out simple with a single concept and slowly but steadily develop it into a better, bigger mobile app. It could be something that helps you keep your business processes in line, or something that can help reach out to your customers or some app that will “sell” your products via a mobile – like ecommerce apps. Well, the decision is yours. Starting out with a simple concept will help you build on it and structure it and finally build the app you desire.

Define functionality

The second step in the process is to define functionality. The aim is not to define 100% accurate functionality, but to provide a basic idea of the features required by the app. For example, should there be a login screen? Will users have to register? What should users see first when they login (or not). Think about similar points. Also think about what the screens should include and how one screen should flow from the previous one.

Work on the design

Designing the app will require you to either hire a professional mobile app designer or a team. Well, whichever way it is, remember that the app will be designed using professional design tools like photoshop, illustrator etc. Talk to your designer on a regular basis and check the design completion stages from time to time.

Test the flow and logic of the various screens

The next step is to create and virtually test whether the screens designed by you flow with the required logic. Make sure that the user is not stuck after clicking on one screen. Place the screens that are designed one after the other and then check whether they fit in!

Implement it!

Finally, put it all together and program the app to function as you want! Again mobile apps developers can put two and two together and create the app for you. After that you will have to upload the app to the app store and engage in some app store optimization so that it is found easily.

Well, that’s about it! If you are looking at developing an app for your business, contact the best mobile application development team here!

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