Mobile App Development Mobile Application Development Mistakes that Can Destroy your App! By Elinsys, 23rd Apr 2015

Mobile application development has opened up new and innovative channels for businesses to showcase and conduct business. Mobile phones with constant internet access enable users to quickly buy products and access services any time anywhere. Well, if your business plans to go mobile soon and you have a killer idea for an app that will help your business expand and grow, it’s a good decision. However there are so many options and so much to think about that those new to business mobile apps could easily get confused. It takes a lot of thought to create a perfect mobile app, but just a few flaws here and there could totally destroy it.

Here are some common mistakes that could totally destroy your app!

Not developing for various platforms There are a plethora of mobile devices out there with a variety of screen sizes and form factors. Apart from these there are a number of platforms to consider too – like iOS, Android, Windows etc. So, where do you start? Which platform should you select? Well, that’s a very common mistake! Don’t select a particular platform. If your target audience is using a variety of mobile device platforms, develop for multiple platforms.

Mobile is not a downsized web experience

A mobile app is very different from a website. It is definitely not equivalent to a downsized web experience. It is a completely different experience. So, give your business a different feel with a mobile app development. Having fewer features on the mobile app than on your website does not make your app lesser in value than your website. In fact, select the most powerful features to be included in your app.

Thinking that your app will sell itself

No matter how technically and business wise perfect app you build, it’s never going to sell itself! You need to have a plan for that too! There are a thousand competitors out there. Your app can easily disappear amongst all the others who are competing for the top place. So, it’s extremely important that you define your target audience and then create a plan to spread the word about your app. Make sure that your app addresses some specific issues for that target audience. That’s what will help sell the app better!

Insufficient testing

Testing the app yourself is not enough. You have to have beta testers for the app who are selected from audiences who are not developers or designers. Going beyond that, you can select actual customers to test your app and take feedback to work on before you actually launch the app. This will give you better insights into what you need and what you can do away with in your mobile app.

Well, if you are creating an app for the sake of it, you might as well stop – right now! If you do really want a mobile app for your business, make sure that you pay attention to all these details and save your app from being destroyed by your competitors!

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