Mobile App Development Mobile Application Development Trends 2021 By Elinsys, 12th Jan 2021

Despite the pandemic or due to it, the mobile application development world has seen unforeseen changes. As businesses adapt to the new normal way of working and changed customer behaviours it is imperative that they stay on top of industry trends so as to gain an edge and succeed in adverse situations too.

While the pandemic has led to mobile apps from some categories to stagnation and some other apps are experiencing phenomenal growth. Simultaneously, new innovations and mobile app trends are emerging and easing the customer experiences during times of crisis.

Top mobile application trends for 2021

5G Technology

In the near future, the introduction of 5G technology will certainly have a great impact on the mobile app trends. The number of 5G connections worldwide is projected to grow by 1.1 billion by 2025. 5G will influence and transform the way that apps are developed. 5G speeds for downloads and data access will be several times faster than that of 4G. It will enable mobile app developers to improve the functionalities of mobile applications. It’s known that 5G is expected to allow up to 1 million devices to connect per square kilometre and this poses great opportunities for ‘everything being connected’ such as cell phones, cars, refridgirators, washing machines etc.

App Clips

This is one of the best known features that has  recently cropped up. It aims to level up the convenience of mobile apps by harnessing the power of the full Apple software and hardware ecosystem. App clips allow users to preview and use the app without actually downloading it. In the near future, app developers and brands will leverage this feature for their benefit.


IoT has taken the world by storm and it is predicted that by 2022, the IoT market will exceed 500 billion dollars. More and more smartphone users are connecting to their home appliances via mobile apps automation and there is going to be a massive interconnection of devices spanning everything – from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

Voice searches

Voice recognition and communication has already disrupted the industry. It is predicted that over 30% of web browsing will be done by voice by 2030. Voice user interface uses voice recognition to facilitate connection between the user and device. This is another trend to watch out for and implement.

Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps were introduced by Google to permit Android users to use a mobile app or play a mobile game without installing it on the device. This gives the users a  ‘trial’ before making a decision to download and install it. They use significantly less storage and are becoming the most popular trend to look forward to – especially in the mobile games development industry.

Apart from these, AI and machine learning too are becoming popular trends, thanks to the cloud computing technology which facilitated development of AI and AR apps with the resources and strength required.

Every year there are new innovations and trends that dictate the mobile apps development industry. It is a good idea to keep up with the trends of the industry and develop mobile apps that will sustain and be future ready.

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