Graphic Design Necessity of Using Graphics in a Website By Elinsys, 26th May 2011

To create an effective impact of your web page is to add some graphics. Graphics can add colors, depth and sparkle to a web page to make it eye catchy and interesting.

Nowadays, most of the web designers are aware how to make his/her site look more appealing visually by using number of graphics or flash and with plenty of images. Though this doesn’t work every time, designer should know clearly how to balance between his/her use of graphics and content.

There is no need of using graphics in a website logically, but it has been noticed that it increases the effectiveness in most of the cases. Moreover, one of the biggest mistakes web designers make is misusing or overusing graphic images on web pages as they get so enthusiastic about new technologies that they lose their focus and forget the actual objective of creating a website.

Certain graphics which are acceptable on Web pages are Navigational buttons, Image maps, logos, Bullet points, divider lines or horizontal rules, background images, headings as text graphics, mastheads, and photos. Moreover, all graphics used on a web page should match in color, typeface and some special effects. After using the required graphics, the general rule is to keep web page size between 40-60K.

Web Designers should always remember that graphic images are used to enhance a web page functions. If these graphic images increases your web pages download time, you will have to either size down the images or replace them with smaller images.

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