Need of HTML and CSS during Web Design

Today there are many different web design standards available to design a website. But the most important and popular today are HTML and CSS. HTML is the oldest design standard for the purpose of designing.

HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language is a design standard for professional websites. It is a language which is used for editing and positioning the text, images, frames and other important elements of the web page during designing a website. It is very easy to learn for web designers. They just have to learn few basic tags having little codes.

CSS allows web designers to design website more creatively as they have more control on their designs. Using CSS can save user time, effort and money to create a website. There is one more benefit of CSS which is when users edit one webpage its effective changes are made on all other web pages automatically.

If we compare HTML and CSS than we can say that HTML is still the perfect type of coding for designing the main structure of a website. While CSS is good when it comes to handling the outlook of the webpage that is the appearance of the website like the backgrounds, colors, content, placing images, setting page margins for all sides of pages, overlapping words, placing page elements, setting fonts, and lots of other things which is to be done for over all look of the webpage. These are all minor things but they all are very important while designing a website and CSS provides all necessary functionalities to a designer for maintaining over all layout, design and navigation.

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