Search Engine Optimization New Algorithm Hummingbird Rolled Out by Google By Elinsys, 19th Oct 2013

Hummingbird: Google’s New Algorithm

Dominating the search engine world from the last fifteen years, Google announced the launch of Humming Bird, Google’s new algorithm. It is a major Google upgrade in the last three years. Constantly coming up with updates, this dominant search engine, Google, has always been a step ahead of its competitors.  This time with Hummingbird algorithm it aims to simplify the search results appearing for complex queries. The hummingbird has been designed to be more specific and deliver faster search results. This algorithm, based on semantic search, lays emphasis on user intent V/s search terms entered individually. It focuses less and less on keywords and more on the meaning behind them. Hummingbird focuses on each word in a query and ensures that the entire query is taken into account rather than a collection of words. It aims to give importance to the whole sentence or meaning. The result is the pages that match with the meaning of the searched sentence perform well than the pages that just have some of the matching words of the query. It is already being used by Google from the last one month.

The hummingbird is useful for users having longer and more complex queries. This new algorithm was introduced with the intention to help users who expect more natural and conversational interactions with a search engine. Hummingbird focuses more on ranking information which relies on more smart understanding of search requests. It has the capability to grasp the concepts and relationships between them rather than just words. Its ultimate goal is to offer the users with more fluid interactions over the search engines.

The hummingbird is an amplification of Google’s semantic capability. With this new upgrade, Google has enhanced its ability to deliver closely matching results for complex search queries. Google has also improved at relationally linking search queries and Web documents with the introduction of Hummingbird. This upgrade has also ensured that content will not be ignored. It will be shared across social networks through recognized influences. However, it will take time in creating a reliable relationship with influences and sharing them content useful for their network.

The Hummingbird update is of huge importance with searches from mobile users and also those searching through voice. On one hand there is a lot of buzz about Hummingbird, on the other hand many SEOs stated that they wouldn’t be required to make any dramatic changes in their strategies. However, they also opined that the focus should remain on quality, engaging, and shareable content.

Following are the things to-do post the launch of Hummingbird, or perhaps after knowing that Hummingbird has been in use.

  • Businesses should get adapted to semantic search as well as the Google knowledge graph
  • The focus must be laid on the intent rather than keywords.
  • Content providers must provide content that offers solutions and answers.
  • Identifying needs and problems, and understanding the queries to give the users exactly what they want is the key to success in the Hummingbird era.

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