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Backed by Visual Studio.NET IDEs, Angular JS is one of the finest tools for the development of single page applications. It is an advance JavaScript solution that is commonly used in the development of highly user friendly single page apps. It enables you to extend the capabilities of HTML and offers the finest ecosystem that is brilliantly expressive and also quick to develop. It is an open source framework and offers the DOM manipulation and incorporates all the essentials too.

Here are some of the common reasons why you should use Angular JS in your next project

No need to use more observable functions

The platform is known to analyze the page Dom extensively and develops the bindings related to the Angular specific element features. It can modify the page DOM directly rather than incorporating the inner HTML code. It effectively minimizes the writing efforts and offers a final code that is less error prone and easy to understand too.

Outfitted with directives

Directives help you integrate additional functionality to the HTML and in a hassle free manner. You can introduce multiple components to the HTML and get surprising results in the final output.

Flexible filter facility

It facilitates a data filter option before they actually reach the view position. It enables formatting decimal spaces and can reverse the arrangement of any range.

Unit testing readiness

The entire Angular JS development is combines with the dependency injection. It supports the administration of all your project development controllers.

Extending features

Among the other features it supports are view orchestration, dependency injection, routing, animations, and much more. Angular based applications are also supported by major search engines and are backed by a great development community.
Angular JS creates a two way data binding between the selected elements and the order prop.  It also uses the Model View Controller model and is hence very easy to develop apps in a clean way. Developers simply have to split their apps into the MVC components. The rest is simply to manage those components and connect them together – this is what Angular JS helps accomplish. Further the code structure is declarative and you can create patterns which make the code simpler to read and more importantly lightweight. In simple words, the same code which otherwise requires 12 lines of Java Script, can be accomplished in 5 of Angular JS lines.

Finally, Angular JS comes from Google – it is a very powerful and efficient framework that helps build fast, realtime and single page applications. It is a client side technology and is capable to accomplish things in a what that enhances the functionality of HTML, CSS and Java Script.

Angular JS could be the best choice for your next web application development project!

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