On Demand App On Demand Grocery App – to transform shopping behaviour By Elinsys, 07th Sep 2020

The on-demand economy has taken over and transformed many business models. There are already big players in the market. Flipkart and Amazon – have about 145.2 million mobile users till date. The Big Basket – the largest online supermarket in India claims to have generated 3200 Cr. INR in FY ’19. Today, Big Basket has launched BB Daily, BB Instant and BB Beauty Store. Urbanization has changed the way businesses perceived demand and provisioned the supply. As per Harvard Business Review, 22.4 million consumers are spending 57.6 billion every year on the on-demand app. Now, almost everything is going online and going mobile. The grocery market has picked up – the online trend and over 195 million of the US can choose to have weekly deliveries at the doorstep. The current market trends are propelling the retailers towards building their presence through small screens – the grocery demand is on the rise,- so is the demand for on-demand apps. These apps allow customers and businesses to have frictionless automated services.

What is the reason for choosing online grocery apps?

  • The advantages are more customers centric. It allows your customers to place their orders online without having to wait in long queues for edibles and billings.
  • There is no need to go weekly for grocery shopping. Many apps have a feature for automated weekly or monthly deliveries.
  • Apart from time and convenience, on-demand grocery app gives your business a continuous in-flow of ‘orders’.
  • Customers get the convenience of having their groceries delivered to their doorstep.
  • You can offer customers exciting features for loyalty points, rewards and gift cards.
  • Shopping is no longer a tedious activity that needs planning and sparing time from your busy schedule. It is automated and you can simply enter your order from anywhere and at any time.
  • Impulse buying can be avoided.

On-Demand grocery shopping apps are now gaining popularity and most of the local stores are considering moving to a mobile only model. What happens to the brick and mortar stores then? These stores remain as ‘stocking’ grounds? Or, you have the ability to convert them into places where customers visit for the ‘experience’ they get while shopping offline. Online and offline experiences – both matter for today’s customers. 

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